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If you have a trade, craft or profession (e.g. Legal, auto, STEM, construction, social services, medical, barber, DJ, music,  retail, starting your own business etc... ) that you want to share with our students please contact us today!



Project Hope is seeking volunteer pathway coaches for the 17-18 school year to share their trade-craft or profession with our students at any one of our Youth Leadership & Career Pathway  ( YLCP) sites ( IS 109, PS/MS 43 and a H.S. site set to begin in the 17-18 school year (must be project and experiential learning based & interactive- limited lecture).

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**Other volunteer opportunities are available e.g., homework monitor,  teacher, counselor, tutors etc...

Pathway Coach Overview





As a Pathway Coach (PC), you will be a significant part of the YLCP initiative and combating youth unemployment in NYC; each PC will be able to provide expertise in his or her own related occupation or trade and help guide student’s career –post education interests. Also, as a PC, you will represent your company’s social-responsibility to the community, help us prepare youth for employment opportunities and have access to youth for work-force innovations, etc. We ask each PC to provide a pathway model that consist of one or more of the following: 1. provide a minimum of one (1) career break-out session facilitated (a minimum of at least 30-45 minutes long) at any one of our site locations and/or 2. organize one (1) field trip to your place of business or trade for students to experience hands-on observation & learning experiences that are both, career and post-education driven and project based or 3. provide mentorship-  we encourage our mentors to engage with students face to face at least once per month and communicate with our mentees on a weekly basis. We encourage mentors to provide job shadowing, internship and one on one attention. We ask that mentors commit to mentoring from September 1st to August31st.


We partner with faculty members from post–education institutions, government and with employers & businesses to seek volunteer Pathway Coaches to engage students enrolled in our YLCP that is both, project and experiential learning based. Also, the partnerships enhance each PATHWAY’S career goals and provide support & in-kind resources (e.g., experiential learning, hands-on training, access to facilities & equipment, a pathway to post-education or employment in the related area, guidance, encouragement, mentorship, etc.) to students enrolled in YLCP. Thus far, we partnered and solicited PC’s from CUNY, NYU, Long Island Jewish Hospital, Local 1, Engineering-for kids, financial institutions, law firms, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Empire Beauty School, DC 37, government agencies, local beauty salons & barbershop, PAL, restaurants, auto-mechanic/repair shops, etc. to provide career & post education pathways and expertise to our students.



Career break-out sessions-

Experiential Learning and Project Based concept(s) & examples:

  Experiential Learning Based- student will engage in hands -on experiences (e.g.  we have a hospital (EMT- LIJ) coming in doing a role play with students  on saving someone life using CPR and using other resuscitating techniques,  medical procedures and visited a ER and explored a EMT vehicle; NYU engaged with our students by building a robot and discussing robotics and wrote  codes as part of our STEM related career pathway initiative;  Lincoln Tech brought in a engine part and other auto parts for students to see and engage with; A Law firm organized a mocked criminal case; Beauty Salon  performed a complete wash, set and style on a co-worker and some students; a representative from the FAA organized a field trip to a FAA tower to engage students in the field of Air Traffic control& operating equipment  and discussed career pathways in aviation; JPMorgan Chase organized a field trip to their trading floor and did two (2) sessions where students organized their own business, research stock etc. )   


Project Based – consist of a minimum of one (1) session- at least 30-45 minutes long – maximum of ten (10) sessions during the school year in which the project exhibit outcome(s) following the conclusion of the project  (i.e. Students learn: career pathway in the related area ; learn resuscitating techniques & medical operating procedures; how to read radar and track air-plane traffic in a FAA tower; wash & set, cut hair & design; understand criminal due process;  how to design  a poster using graphic designs software; fundamentals of film development;  difference between planets

and asteroids; difference between Auto-Alternator and engine parts; public interests lawyer and corporate lawyer; any function of stem related areas; learn how to prepare a gourmet meal; how to read stock symbols and understand stock indices and exchanges; start a business; write code; how to model, DJ and sample music; news room controls; etc.)

YLCP Pathway Coach core standards

  • Utilize youth development evidence based principles

  • Always be prompt

  • Provide a safe &  caring environment

  • Must engage with every student

  • Must display empathy



**If you are interested in becoming a Pathway Coach, please click on "APPLY HERE' icon below. Thank you for your interest in advance!


Christine- Queens Village, NY

"Project Hope has been a part of my life since 2004. Since I've joined, I have flourished into a young woman with a passion to give back by helping at-risk youth, mentoring, one-on-one tutoring and sharing my experiences and my personal struggles growing up."

Martin- Queens Village, NY

"...I still see some kids from Project Hope are with the Vipers basketball team I coach. You provided them a basketball foundation that allowed them to continue along that path. I remember the tournament Bruce and I put together in 2003 at Project Hope. That gave me the confidence to coach basketball..."

Diane- Queens Village, NY

 “I will never forget that one experience at Project Hope’s leadership workshop on entrepreneurship and starting your own business. We did a simulation and we created a mock business. We went over how businesses are incorporated, applying for your federal tax ID number, etc.…That experience stayed with me all of my life and as a result, I am an entrepreneur today.”