Upon recruitment from host school, each student or client will go through an intake process, one on one with the senior pathway coach (SPC) (caseworker) to ascertain client’s needs.



1. Life/behavioral skills– Weekly life/behavioral skills sessions will focus on three main areas: 1. helping clients prepare for H.S. & post-education transitions; 2. helping clients identify and prepare for career pathways and 3. helping clients build positive behavioral/social skills. (See curriculum below) The weekly YLCP sessions will be based on the following core competency life/behavioral skill areas and youth development principles:


 2. Career oriented break-out sessions-Students will engage in breakout sessions - direct/experiential learning career or industry oriented sessions led by industry leading pathway coaches and other partnering organizations. Each breakout session will be based on each student career interests.


We will offer educational and academic services to support and complement school-day activities.  These activities may include, but are not limited to, tutoring, homework assistance, reading clubs, computer-assisted and project-based learning and activities to develop basic math, reading, writing, and verbal English skills.


We will help participants prepare for high school; earn their high school diploma; recover course credits; and prepare for exams such as the NYS test, Regents, SAT, and ACT.  Thus, supporting youth in their educational progress is a critical component of our career YLCP model.




 is targeted to youth between the ages of 13-18. The model is career and post-education driven and consist of an extensive intake process & case management services. In addition, based on each client’s assessment needs, clients will have access to customized educational support, supportive services and YLCP WFD workshops geared toward meeting each participant’s social needs and developing their behavioral/job-readiness skills to prepare them for today’s employment market.  YLCP will be based on youth development principles. Students in our YLCP will be afforded tutoring, homework help, counseling, therapy & referrals to support their PATHWAY objectives & goals and will be able to participate in PATHWAYS geared to their career and post-education interests. More importantly, based on past internal and external assessment, 80-85% of our active students achieved stated outcomes and expectations (i.e. positive behavior modification, increased grade averages, reenrolled back into school, identified employers & retained employment, opened bank accounts, registered to vote, civic duty etc.)


We have three strategic approaches within the YLCP model in which we target communities or schools affected by poverty, unemployment or poor academic performance.

·       First strategic approach is offered centered- based (non-school) fixed- ongoing services year after year at the same site-form partnerships with nearby schools, etc.)

·       Second strategic approach is offered school- based - fixed- ongoing services year after year at the same site- form partnership with host school, etc.)

·       Third strategic approach is offered mobile-based, targeted & traveling to selected schools and youth center sites through-out NYC to offer one time projects i.e., cadre of 3-40 YLCP WFD workshop sessions facilitated at each target school or youth center’s site (e.g., PAL youth centers, schools, Beacon schools, faith-base, COMPASS programs, etc.)


Currently, we have (2) two school- based sites, I.S. 109 School and one to begin in September, 17-18 school year -Humanities & Arts high school in Southeast Queens and (1) one mobile-based approach, facilitated at PS/MS 43 Beacon in Far Rockaway.