Project Hope- The New Direction's (Project Hope) pedagogical mission is to help young people living in poverty in NYC develop their strengths, skills, talents and competencies through effective experiential learning, youth development principles and programs to prepare them for today’s economy.


Project Hope- The New Direction, Inc. was founded by Ramon D. Cameron, a resident of Queens Village, in 1996 in response to the gunshot related death of a teen age I.S. 109 student, Quentin Carter, Jr.  His death was at the hands of a sixteen-year-old youth over a dispute about twenty-five cents. That senseless act, which received national publicity, was an indication that too many lives were being lost taken over nothing. Youth were killing each other over petty disputes. Since 1996, we have operated youth programs such as after-school youth leadership, recreation, reading and math tutoring that was center based. We have served and improved the lives of over 2000 participants. In response to many of our funders cutting or reducing our funding during the “Great Recession” in 2007-2008, we secured funding from NYS & NYC through contracts and a few small private funders and implemented a narrowed scope of centered-based services e.g., after-school programs.


However, as of June 30th, 2013, we reorganized our program approach, acquired a school- based site and offer career driven programs and not a “one size fit all approach”. Our new initiative is -Youth Leadership & Career Pathway (YLCP).