Natalie Cruz, 

Chief Executive Officer

Lani Cherry-Savage, MBA Recording Secretary/Board, Chairwoman 

Former Project Hope Student

Ernst Alvarez, Treasurer,

Former Project Hope Student

Kenneth Jovin, BA Board Member 

Former Project Hope Student

James Taylor, AA

Board Member,

Former Staff Member



Board Commitment



     Our board redefined itself, matured and went through a transition. The founders remain on the board. The organization was founded by (2) two young twenty (20) year old’s eager to give back to their community and who came from humbling backgrounds. For instance, Valerie Cartright, one of the original founders, a recent cancer survivor, received her Law degree and was recently elected as City Council woman. She plans to use this elevation in her career to assist Project Hope reach its endeavors.  Ramon Cameron (Ray), another founder who was driven to start Project Hope because of his experiences as a youth. He was victim of abuse, dropped out of high school, became a teen parent and was arrested & incarcerated few times as a teenager. Ray escaped the clutches of illicit behaviors in his community by finding himself and a positive new direction. He founded Project Hope to assist disadvantage youth and with Project Hope, he began to redefine the community external factors with positivity and activities that created hope and built leadership skills in youth. During 2008-2013, Ramon achieved his BA and achieved his MPA.  He plans to utilize his skill-set to manage the organization more effectively and expand fund-development.


However, past members were cycled out so we could be able to build a new board and direction based on trial & error and new values. Former students now sit on the board and add distinctive backgrounds to our board and they are very passionate in improving their community. They are accomplished individuals e.g., with academic degrees, current entrepreneurs, professionals etc.… 


Next, in 17-18, the board is committed to identifying & recruiting additional board members from the public and corporate sector who could invest financial & in-kind resources into the organization, which we also project, will help sustain our project. Currently, we have one (1) elected official who sits on our board who assist the organization with legal, legislative matters and RFP’s. She will also cultivate members from her network to donate to the organization and sit on the board. In addition, we are currently working with BoardNet, Youth Inc. etc.…  to obtain expertise in board development and fundraising. Finally, we will organize annual community fundraisers and benefit dinners to also help underwrite our project.  

Board Member